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My Mission

To become my best authentic version through a holistic approach to health, high performance, fitness and life. My aim is also to help and inspire other people to ignite passion for fitness and health so that they can transform and unlock their best authentic self as well!

My Goals and Ambitions
Top 3 Age Group Athlete
Qualify for the Ironman World Championship
Race a sub 9hr Ironman
Empower and Inspire people
My Achievements
  • 5x Ironman Finisher (PB 9:36)

  • 8x Ironman 70.3 Finisher (PB 4:26)

  • 6th place at Ironman Wales 2018

  • 2x 70.3 World Championship finisher

  • Mulitple Triathlon Podium Finishes

  • Austrian Vice State Champion Sprint Distance

My driving forces

To thrive and stay accountable and in line with my goals in life, I have some driving forces. For me as an endurance athlete I see nutrition, overall health and fitness as core components to support me on that journey. They keep me in balance and provide a solid foundation to perform in sports and life

Endurance Sports

I need challenges and big goals. Triathlon gives me all of that. Anything is possible and I set myself big goals that keep me motivated and moving forward. It might be extrem in some aspects, but this extreme side of the sport is what keeps me in balance. It

Vegan Lifestyle

My perspective on proper, healthy and clean eating has become even more important since I have started with endurance sports. As a vegan, thriving on plant based nutrition, is for me the best way to keep my body and mind healthy and energized to deal with the demands of training and life in general. It

Health & Longevity

I believe in a good balance between body and mind. That allows you to unlock your potential but also stay healthy from the inside out. A fit & healthy lifestyle is therefore another core value. Combined with nutrition they set the foundation to become the best version of yourself.

Racing and Competitions

I enjoy to race and compete, it’s part of my attitude and a way to celebrate the hard work that I put into my training.

I capture some of my race experiences. You can check out some race reports to find out more about what it’s like to go through the high and low points during a race and the emotions that come along with that. It’s not always a pleasant ride but in the end so worth it!


I love racing and pushing myself. If you have accomplished one of your goals, it

Focus & Mindset

It's important to stay focused during a race and deal with the situation, whether good or bad. Having a positive mindset always helps

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Personal Fitness Coaching

I empower people to unlock their best self through health and fitness 

If you want to improve your fitness, get lean and fit, maximise your energy or take your athletic performance to the next level but are too busy finding proper time for it, I might be able to help you get going and reach your full potential.

Next Generation Endurance Performance for Athletes