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Ironman 70.3 Barcelona

Race Splits:00:28:44 / 02:58:06 / 01:24:04
Race Results: 04:56:56, 18th M35-39

Race Report:

On the one hand this race was a big confidence boost knowing that I have done very good training so far and I am already in good form but on the other hand it was a little dissapointing as a mechanical issue on the bike (I had flat tire) left me 11 minutes short on a Top 10 position in my AG.

Nevertheless the positive things stand out in this race. I was very proud of myself how I pulled myself up after the flat tire, costing me 11 minutes in total. With no expectations at all after the flat tire, I continued the race with a strong mindset shift towards pushing myself and see what I can still get out of this race. Focusing on what I can control and dealing with the situation as best as possible.

I finished strong on the bike, to date probably one of my strongest bike performances, given the difficulty of the course, with lots of climbing and technical downhills, I was happy how I managed the course. Still things to improve of course but I am on a good way.

The run itself was a massive confidence boost, as I always knew I can do a good run off the bike. And this time it happened. I have to say that have nailed the fuelling on the bike. Coming off feeling pretty fresh and well fuelled. I had to take a pee stop on the first 1km, which I guess was a good sign as well, knowing my hydration was good too. Unfortunatelly this cost me another minute :-/

I was pretty much running a solid, moderate strong effort until km 15. It didn't feel too hard to be honest but I didn't want to risk and push harder. On the last 6 km things got harder and I struggled to keep a 4:00min/km pace. I slightly dropped the pace but I still managed to finish strong. Not too much left in the tank. So I guess I managed my pace very well. 
I had the 3rd fastest run split that day in my age group!! Boom, new PB.

The swim was great apart from a little detour after the first turn. That cost me almost 1 minute. 
Overall pace was 1:28min/100, that is my fastest pace to date as well and also a new swim PB. 
Now working on better sighting and I should be good ;-)

Big shout out to Matthew and the plan he has put together for me so far. I can see it's working and I am adapting to it. Especially my running has been much stronger this year than last year. I guess now looking forward, getting even stronger on the bike will be essential for a strong performance at Ironman Wales in September. 
Knowing that I have to do twice the distance and the elevation than in Barcelona, gets me a little scared to be honest :-) But a great challenge that I am ready to tackle!

Ironman 70.3 Barcelona 2018