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Ironman Italy

Race Splits:00:54:49 | 05:08:12 | 03:35:41
Race Result: 09:50:20, 31st M30-34

Race Report:
I went into my last race for the season with high self esteem, confidence and high expectations. I was well prepared, I executed the training plan, ticked the boxes and did everything possible I could from a training preparation perspective. 

I felt fully recovered, fit and fresh on race day and everything was setup for success but as it is with triathlon, things do not always go according to plan.

I want to keep the race report fairly short this time and focus on what has gone wrong from my perspective and what I should have done better.

The Swim
Short and sweet. My best swim performance to date. Out of the water in 54minutes, more than 5 minutes faster than my swim time in Roth. 18th fastest swim time in my age group. I am absolutelly happy where I am with my swimming. Looking back 2 years ago if you have told me I would swim a 54mins in an Ironman I would have laughed at you. 
There is nothing more to add to it. I will continue and keep improving and I think I have to realise that the swim is my strongest discipline at the moment haha

The Bike
Let's call it solid but nothing to be to excited about. The course was definitelly not in my favour, as it was a flat and windy course . As a small and very light guy I really struggled to keep up with the strong riders. Nevertheless I think I underperformed a little bit on the bike. Looking at my power output at the end of the race it was very similar to my race in Roth. No big improvements there. 
I think I could have pushed more on the bike, especially on the second lap where I rode slighly slower than on the first one and got dropped by a lot of guys.
I tried to change rythm on a regular basis, getting out of the saddle, finding good posture again, working on the form etc. I think I did well on that, as I felt really good getting of the bike after the 185km... No still back or neck. My legs were fine, felt good and I started the run with big confidence.

The Run
I had my best 15km in an Ironman run and at the same time the worst 27.2km. Things looked really good until I hit a massive energy low at the 15km mark from which I never came out again and suffered big times until the finish line. It was very frustrating as I was running so well of the bike and always felt good doing the brick runs in training. I had the strength, the fitness, the resiliance but this time I think stuffed up my nutrition and my gut was giving me a hard time.

Looking back at the run now I was definitelly in a big calorie deficiency as my mood, focus and motivation was pretty much gone and my energy below zero. I tried to make up for it but for some reason my body couldn't handle any more calories. I got that weird feeling in my stomach and just wasn't able to take in nutrition. I switched over to coke and water but that didn't do the trick. My energy didn't come back so I had to bite the bullet and struggled through the rest of the marathon. After 3:35h I crossed the finish line.

Despite the fact that it wasn't my day I still take away the positive things. I have again improved, gained more experience, learned my lessons and will continue on my journey to become my best version of myself in this sport. 

I am now looking forward to some downtime, getting away from swimbikerun and regular training. I will use the next few weeks to think about my goals for next year and where I wanna go next with the sport. It's very exciting to see the improvements that you have made in the programs, so I am really looking forward to it. I am sure it will add additional benefits to each athlete as they continue on their journey!

Ironman Italy 2017